Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we use and is committed to protecting any information that you provide us when using this application. You must read the privacy terms and conditions before giving information and use Cashcash Pro application. By using this application, you understand, agree and are bound by the privacy conditions and terms of service determined by Cashcash Pro. The privacy conditions and terms of service apply to the Cashcash Pro application can and be entitled to all changes in time, add, change or reduce the provisions of this privacy matter without the knowledge of users Cashcash Pro. We hope you always read and understand the terms of its application periodically.

I. Information We Collect When You Use Platform Services:

The use of our services is free without coercion from any party, if you decide to use our services, you must collect the information below:

Personal Information You Provide

We collect personal information that you provide when use Cashcash Pro, so that the platform can verify that your personal information meets platform requirements or not and provides more personal services based on your personal information.

The information we collect includes but is not limited to full name, address of residence, date of birth, gender, marital status, educational background, occupation, ID card number, NPWP, emergency contact number, account information and others.

Other Information We Collect

We can accelerate the analysis of your personal information and data by accessing other information obtained through visiting and/or cooperating with three other parties.

The information we collect includes but is not limited to the latest information from your transactions, reputation information that you provide in three trusted parties and others.

Your Device Information

We collect information about the device you use when you use Cashcash Pro for anti-fraud on the platform and provide some useful features, for example by automatically optimizing camera effects based on device type, disabling platform services on virtual machines, and others.

The information we collect includes but is not limited to unique identifier, browser type and settings, device type and settings, operating system, Wi-Fi address, MAC address, cellular network information (including provider name and telephone number) and version number application.

Your Location Information

We collect your location information when you use Cashcash Pro for anti-fraud on the platform and provide some useful features, for example, equipped with different customer service staff based on your location information to improve service quality, and so on.

We can determine your location via GPS, Bluetooth, passive mode.

Your Communication Information

We collect communication from the devices you use when you use Cashcash Pro for anti-fraud on the platform and provide some useful features, for example providing better services based on the use of platform services by your friends, and others.

The information we collect includes but is not limited to contacts, call recordings, short message records.

Your Multimedia Information

We will ask you to authorize the use of the camera for you to be able to take a picture of the KTP which is then uploaded to the platform, this is an application that must be owned.

We will ask you to authorize the use of the camera to carry out an introduction to 'living things' which is to complete the facial recognition function.

Your Storage Information

We will ask you to authorize storage usage permissions which can help us save and use your login information, data cache information and others.

Your Internet Information

We will ask you to authorize internet usage permissions to be able to connect to the platform and normal use of platform services.

Your Notification Information

We will ask you to authorize application permissions to allow the background to wake up and vibrate to provide some useful features. Examples: Turn on the screen, vibrate, and notification when a message arrives.

Your Call Information

We will ask you to authorize the use of permission to make outgoing calls to make it easier to call the hotline.

Your Cookie Information

When you visit a platform website, we automatically use cookies. If cookies are enabled, cookies will record a small amount of data on the platform sites you visit, and cookies will help us track the features you are most interested in and the content that you have visited in the past. When you visit our website at a later time, cookies will make it easier for us to adjust content to meet your needs. This cookie does not track user data separately and also all of our cookie data is encrypted where other websites cannot read it. You can turn off the cookie function through your browser page in the configuration section. However, please note that this configuration can interfere with certain features of the platform's website.

2. Below, there are a number of points regarding the use of customer information:

Borrower Information

Service users are required to fill in their personal data information properly.

Communication Information

With the consent of the user and to prevent fraud, the information entered into the server will be used properly.

Facility Information

With the consent of the user and to prevent fraud, the information entered into the server will be used properly.

Other information

With the consent of the user and to prevent fraud, the information entered into the server will be used properly. In addition, information will be used as a program to detect if a problem has occurred, and so on.

3. Personal information collected by Cashcash Pro will be stored electronically and will be managed for various purposes as follows:

·       For our general business purposes, for example analysing and verifying credit identity and reputation in your loan application.

·       Process loan transactions and update our stored data accounts.

·       Estimate your credit record and ensure your work.

·       Review your loan application.

·       Contact third parties through the information you collect, for example the office where you work or your boss to confirm your own information.

·       Perform statistical analysis, develop and improve our services to estimate loan risk.

·       Identify you when contacting us or visiting our website and our application.

·       Identify the contacts you are interested in for our services or products.

·       In order to prevent and find fraud, this includes the use of voice detection technology to analyse the recordings we made during telephone conversations.

·       Contact you according to your needs.

·       To meet your needs going forward, update our website and application

·       Ensure the most effective display solution for Flash and application websites.

·       Carry out obligations arising from the signature of the contract between you and us.

·       If you choose to do so, you are permitted to participate in our interactive feature services.

·       Evaluate the marketing effectiveness of our websites and applications, conduct routine inspections, and market research.

·       Notify you of changes to our service content.

·       Allow authorized banks, financial institutions, or third parties to carry out limited checks on your status in our database or service.

II. Information Storage and Disclosure of Personal Information

1. We may disclose your personal information to third parties to do the services you have requested or the functions that you run, such as when you send information and material on message boards and forums. When you post information in a public forum it becomes public information. In addition, we may disclose your personal information to identify you to anyone you send communication through Cashcash Pro Services. We will never sell, or disclose to third parties our customer's personal information collected from the distribution of Cashcash Pro Services. Unless we are required to do so by law or accept your explanation and agreement first.

2. You may disclose your personal information if asked to do so by law or in good faith that such action is needed to:

In accordance with legal decisions;

Comply with the orders of competent judicial authorities in any jurisdiction;

Comply with the legal process presented at Cashcash Pro;

Protect and defend the rights or property of the media;

Acting in an urgent situation to protect the security of users of our service users privately; or

To enforce our terms and conditions.

We may also share or disclose your personal information in order to comply with laws or respond to legal processes or legitimate requests, including from law enforcement and government agencies. You may always choose not to provide Personal Information, but this can prevent you from being able to receive certain Services. For example, to set up an End User account, you must provide a valid email address so that you can log in and so that we can contact you regarding important account activities. If you do not complete the account registration process, we will not be able to display Ad Content on your lock screen.

3. We may disclose your information to third parties in connection with the reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or disposition of all or part of our business, assets or shares, including in connection with bankruptcy or similar processes.

III. Security Information

We will be involved in data security against information that you provide to us to prevent unauthorized users from disclosing any information intentionally or unintentionally that creates loss of information that you provide to us. Your personal information will be permanently deleted if we don't need it.

IV. Cookies

1. "Cookies" is a type of file that contains information sent by a website to a hard disk computer every visitor who visits a website for recording purposes by a computer, such as an internet protocol address (IP), typing the browser and its operation system (OS), day, date, hour when visitors access the website and data from a little click-stream several servers to monitor the activity of accessing websites and website addresses accessed by visitors. Cookies serve to remember that important information will help in using the website, in the event that visitors decide to visit the website again in the future.

2.Cashcash Pro uses cookies for various purposes such as when you will visit a service website again, count your number, and remember you especially if you are using services on that site.

3. If you do not want to send "cookie" information about yourself, you can deactivate your cookie in the web browser function, that is by using the "option" in the web browser to choose not to accept computer hard disk cookies or choose to ask permission at computer when receiving cookies. Click "Help" to find out more about the cookie acceptance method specified. If you set your computer's settings that result in the refusal of cookies on your computer, then not all the facilities you can enjoy.


4. The use of cookies by many other companies is subject to policies regarding their own personal rights, and not this policy. Advertisers or many other companies do not have access to Cashcash Pro cookies.

V. Others

1. We can change the time, add, revise, or reduce policies that are often done to keep up to date with Cashcash Pro services. Therefore Cashcash Pro recommends that you always look at it regularly, read and look for information in advance about this privacy before accessing Cashcash Pro.

2. If you have further questions about these privacy provisions, you can send questions at Cashcash Pro to


1. Media is an open ceiling where there is a possibility of risk of copying by groups or individuals, reprinting, damaging or carrying out other illegal purposes in paragraphs or photos and other personal data uploaded to the internet, therefore customers must be fully aware of this kind of risk. As a web service provider, we are not responsible for any statements or content provided by users on forums, private main pages, or other interactive areas. You expressly agree that the risks or consequences of using the Cashcash Pro Service will be fully borne by you and we will not be responsible for the risks or consequences mentioned above.

2. We are not responsible for violations of this registration agreement, ethical or legal violations, and violations of other people's rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights). At the same time, we are not responsible for the content of shipping services from third parties through Cashcash Pro or included in the service.

3. We are not responsible for any content posted, stored or uploaded by you, other users or any third party or for any loss or damage caused by the content.

4. We are not responsible for errors, slander, defamation, negligence, lies, obscenity, pornography or blasphemy that third parties can cause you through Cashcash Pro.

5. We are not responsible for hacking, computer or cellphone viruses, illegal use, embezzlement, destruction or loss of your account number or password because of your negligence in protecting it, leaking your personal data because of other websites linked to this website, or loss due to reasons other than the other media. Please contact us immediately, if you find abuse of a customer's account or a condition where a security violation occurred.

6. We are not responsible for other interruptions or deficiencies in network services caused by reasons outside of Cashcash Pro.

7. We do not guarantee that the service is able to meet your requirements; there is no guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, nor will it guarantee the timeliness, security and accuracy of services.

8. In the case of any number of liabilities incurred by us from or in connection with the use of Cashcash Pro, whether on the basis of contracts, guarantees, violations, product obligations, strict liability or other theories, all No more than service fees paid to us to access or use this website.

9. We offer a free loan search and referral service, every pre-fee (down payment) encountered during the loan process is fraud, please be alert to avoid losses.